Custom modified Maya 1

The Maya I is made on the same last as the Ulanova I but features a machine-stitched suede sole, making the shoe lightweight and flexible. The shoe has a V-shaped medium vamp, and a medium platform. Like the Ulanova I and Fouette, it’s a good choice for dancers with short toes, toes of even length, or wide feet with normal heels.

Sizes: 1-8
Shank: S,M,H

Custom modified Nova

Nova incorporates several advances in pointe technology, along with design innovations requested by today’s dancers. New glue gives enhanced flexibility while making the shoe exceptionally lightweight. New material in the sole provides both flexibility and silencing qualities, without sacrificing support in the shank.
Nova’s design includes a broad platform for stability and balance, longer, flexible wings for lateral support, and U-shaped vamp with a cotton drawstring. New construction helps the heel keep its shape to avoid wrinkling, and lower fabric at the heel and sides gives a beautifully streamlined profile.
Sizes: 1-8
Shank: M, H, SH

Custom modified pro 2007

With  A U-shaped vamp, drawstring, medium sized platform and stitched suede sole, The 2007 has Anatomical form extreme support and comfort. The specially designed extra light model is perfect for tapered feet. The 2007 provides an easy transition from the demi-pointe to pointe and back.
The shoe is distinguished by its perfect balance and placement, outstanding durability and comfort.
Modified, custom made our 2007s are not available to buy online

Size:  1- 8
Shank S, M, H, SH


Triumph has been developed based on the features most requested by world-famous ballerinas Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova, for their own customized shoes. Lightweight, with beautiful balance on the generous platform, ease of roll-through, a hand-applied anti-slip sole, lower heel height, supportive wings and a graceful U-shaped medium vamp, Triumph provides contemporary appeal, superb performance and timeless beauty.

Broad platform, U-vamp, cotton drawstring.

Size: 1-8
Shank: : M, H, SH

Vaganova pro

This Releve model pointe shoe features a deep, V-shaped vamp and tapered box like the Ulanova II. The Vaganova provides tremendous support to the metarsal and is an ideal shoe for a dancer with narrow feet or heels, and with high flexible arches. Thanks to a narrow box and small platform, the shoe makes the foot visually longer and more elegant.

Size: 1- 8
Shank:: S, M, H, SH

Fouette Pro

Our most popular Releve model pointe shoe. The Fouette accomodates the Russian technique of “springing” onto pointe which develops a more elastic foot and teaches the concentration of balance of the body on one spot. The shoe has a V-shaped medium vamp and fits standard feet. The medium toe platform, similar to the Ulanova I, provides perfect balance and placement. Sound absorbing Pro Technology makes the shoe practically silent on stage. The shoe is entirely handmade and is preferred by dancers who who wish to feel closer to the floor.

Size: 1 – 8


Shank: : M, H, SH

Ballet slipper; Tempo/ model 6

Anatomically shaped split outsole for optimum foot-to-floor contact

• Special lining design in arch area for maximum flexibility

• No side seams -ideal for sensitive feet 

• Hidden elastic between sole parts provides sleek arch profile

• Cushioned heel padding for shock absorption and optimum load distribution.

Ballet slipper; Linda

• Breathable elastic mesh insert hugs the heel and gives an impression of a barefoot

• Hidden elastic arch provides perfect profile look

•  Cushioned heel padding for shock absorption and optimum load distribution

• Anatomical outsole of natural leather for optimum foot to floor.

Contemporary shoe: model 10

• Elastic tape bridging toe and heel for maximum flexible fit

• Elastic mesh in arch area provides added support and outlines aesthetics

• Grishko’s highest vamp product.

• Perfect style for contemporary dance class.

Contemporary shoe: YANA

• Low vamp

·• Non-slip faux suede sole

·• Pile lining with thin foam backing

·• Elastic straps ensure a great fit

·• Extra comfort due to the flat seam

-• Microfiber upper and sole merged by flat seam construction for foot care and comfort

• The extra soft hand french terry cotton insole perfectly absorbs moisture

•  Silicone coated straps for perfect fit

Ballet slipper: MODEL X

• Unique in the market the shoe emphasizes the elegance and flexibility of the dancer’s foot

• The shoe construction in addition to a new innovative last provides the next generation of soft ballet shoes

• An increased pleat area compared with other styles of Grishko soft ballet shoes 

• The upgraded heel shape and intensely curved arch accentuate the aesthetics – the arch, foot lines, highlighted instep and high demi-pointe

Ballet slipper: Synery

• Unique combination of stretch-knit heel and bonded canvas forefront ensures great flexibility and durability

• Ideal for irregular feet owing to more relaxed fit

• Natural leather anatomical outsole for optimum foot-to-floor contact

• Seamless heel and cushioned padding provides maximum comfort

•  Pre-sewn crossed instep elastics.

                                             Bellairs also stock standard 2007's and Nova's


Pointe shoe fitting is by appointment only. 

To arrange an appointment or school/group visit  please contact Lisa, 0434405791.

 Alternatively individual appointments or check ups can be booked on line.